Invoices and payments

When do I get paid ?

Payments are sent twice a month.
For the activity of the first 15 days of the months, you get paid on the 20th.
For the activity of the last 15 days of the months, you get paid on the 5th of the following month.

How do I get paid ?

To get paid, you need to reach the minimum payment threshold ($100) and have payment information up to date. You will then be paid twice a month as explained in the example below:
- for the activity of the first 15 days of January, you will be paid on January 20th
- for the activity of the last 15 days of January, you will be paid on February 5th

What's the minimum Payout ?

You must generate at least $100 per payment period (15 days) in order to get paid. If your earnings are below $100, your earnings will be automatically added to the following payment cycle until the minimum threshold is reached.

Why is VAT not included in my invoice ?


Does Xcams Power offer a special bonus for new webmasters ?

Xcams Power offer 2 bonus programs:

  • $250 Sign Up Bonus
    • Upon making $250 (or 200€) we double your commission
    • Achievement needs to be made within 4 payment periods (or 2 months) from sign up date
    • This applies to Lifetime Revshare and White Label Revshare sales. Other programs are excluded
    • Partners with custom payout are excluded
    • You need to contact affiliate rep to enroll in this promotion
  • Double Whitelabel Revshare Bonus
    • You need to contact affiliate rep to enroll in this promotion
    • Once approved you need to make $125 (or 100€) in 2 periods of time (30 days) from your sign up date in order to qualify your first WL site for the bonus
    • We double your earnings made on the White Label Revshare program. So if you earn $600 in commissions we'll add an extra $600 in payout ($1200 earnings in total).
    • The percentage is not retroactive. Bonus will be calculated on the first payout tier
    • Calculations are from WL revenues only, other programs are excluded
    • Partners with custom payout are excluded

Account info

Can I modify the currency of my account ?

Once your account is set in a currency, it cannot be changed afterwards. If you must change the currency, you need to create a new affiliate account.

How can I update or modify my account information ?

Except for the login, all other information from your account can be modified by you from the My Account section.


Do you have any referral program for Webmasters and Models ?

1.) Xcams Power referral program :

Xcams Power offers you additional commissions when you refer new affiliates who generate commissions.
We offer 2 sponsorship programmes:
- Lifetime 3%
There is no limit on the number of affiliates you can refer, and you earn commission for life!
For example: your referrees generate $10,000 , $300 will be credited to your account on top of your normal sales commissions.
- 10% Commission for 12 months
Need money fast? Choose the higher percentage referral program for a limited time. There is no limit on the number of affiliates that you can refer, but the income from each of your referred affiliates will be limited to a period of 12 months.

Be sure to select the right 'program type' when choosing your referral links, under the Promotional Tools section.

2.) Xmodels referral program

Xcams Power allows you to earn extra commissions when you refer new models to Xmodels.ch. We offer 2 types of payout:
- 10% referral commissions during 12 month
- 5% referral commissions lifetime

To start referring models on Xmodels.ch, click on the promo tools section.

Can I promote Xcams Power's services even if I don't have a site?

Yes, you can simply promote our sites, Evelive.com or HunkPrivates.com, Choose among our different payout programs (Lifetime Revshare, PPS or CPL) and you can start generating traffic and see conversions. If you do have a domain name, you might want to create your own cams site using our white label solution. This will allow you to create your own cams site without requiring a programmer. Our white label editor will let you build and customize your cams site in just a few minutes.

I would like to pass additional information in my URL for tracking a specific value for each sale?

When you retrieve a tracking link, the field “tracking” enables you to pass any value you want (id, keyword, etc) in the url. The tracking link will be automatically populated by the term you entered in the field ‘tracking'. As a result, for each sale, you will see the value (ex: keyword, id) associated with that sale.


Do I earn the exact revshare percentage per sale that you mention ?

Yes, for every sale that is generated, our stats provide full transparency. On revshare, we apply the same revshare percentage on the pack value purchased (without VAT).

When a client purchase a pack, do I earn based what is consumed or on the transaction value ?

Our transaction based method will bring you instant money for all purchases. Credits go to your balance immediately, according to the payout program chosen.

Are statistics in real time ?

Yes, you will see sales 5 minutes after purchase.

How do I get paid when a client spend by phone and not by credit card ?

'Pay by phone' payout varies for each country. You can find the payout per minute for each country in the Payout section of My Payouts section.

Is it possible to earn a higher revshare percentage if I generate a lot of sales ?

We provide a generous scale allowing our partners to gain a higher revshare percentage based on the sales revenue generated. The more revenue you generate in a given pay period (15 days) the higher percentage you get. Your threshold is not retroactive, which means that when you reach a higher level, you get higher percentage only on revenues of that scale.

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